Original Text

Modern Text

Let the king have the letters I have sent, and repair thou to me with as much speed as thou wouldst fly death. I have words to speak in thine ear will make thee dumb, yet are they much too light for the bore of the matter. These good fellows will bring thee where I am. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern hold their course for England. Of them I have much to tell thee. Fare-well.
    He that thou knowest thine,
Come, I will give you way for these your letters, And do ’t the speedier, that you may direct me To him from whom you brought them.
Give the king the letters I’ve sent, and come to me as fast as you would run from death. I’ve got things to tell you that will make you speechless, and they aren’t even half the story. These guys will take you to me. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are on their way to England. I have a lot to tell you about them. Good-bye.
    Your trusted friend,
Come, men. I’ll show you where to deliver these letters as quickly as possible, so that you can take me to the man who sent them.
They exit.