Original Text

Modern Text

‘Go fro the window, Iakke fool,’ she sayde,
‘As help me God, it wol nat be “com ba me,”
I love another, and elles I were to blame,
Wel bet than thee, by Iesu, Absolon!
Go forth thy wey, or I wol caste a ston,
And lat me slepe, a twenty devel wey!’
“Get away from the window, you jack fool!” Alison called from inside the house. “So help me God, Absalom, I won’t be coming to kiss you if I have to go over to that window. I don’t love you. I love someone else much more. Now go away, damnit, and let me sleep or else I’ll start throwing rocks at you!”
‘Allas,’ quod Absolon, ‘and weylawey!
That trewe love was ever so yvel biset!
530Than kisse me, sin it may be no bet,
For Iesus love and for the love of me.’
“No, no,” Absalom replied. “Woe the day I ever fell in love with you! Well, since I have no chance with you, just give me a little kiss then—out of respect for Jesus and for me.”
‘Wiltow than go thy wey ther-with?’ quod she.
“Will you go away if I give you a kiss?” she asked.
‘Ye, certes, lemman,’ quod this Absolon.
“Yes, of course, my darling,” answered Absalom.
‘Thanne make thee redy,’ quod she, ‘I come anon;’
And unto Nicholas she seyde stille,
‘Now hust, and thou shall laughen al thy fille.’
“Get ready then,” she called out to him. “I’m coming.” Then she turned to Nicholas lying in bed and whispered, “Be quiet and get a load of this!”
This Absolon doun sette him on his knees,
And seyde, ‘I am a lord at alle degrees;
For after this I hope ther cometh more!
540Lemman, thy grace, and swete brid, thyn ore!’
Absalom knelt down beneath the window ledge and said to himself, “Wow, I am good! I’m sure I’m going to get much more than a kiss tonight! Whatever you give, I’ll take, my love!”
The window she undoth, and that in haste,
‘Have do,’ quod she, ‘com of, and speed thee faste,
Lest that our neighebores thee espye.’
Alison quickly opened the window and said, “Come on now, hurry up. Let’s get this over with before the neighbors see us.”
This Absolon gan wype his mouth ful drye;
Derk was the night as pich, or as the cole,
And at the window out she putte hir hole,
And Absolon, him fil no bet ne wers,
But with his mouth he kiste hir naked ers
Ful savourly, er he was war of this.
Abasolm wiped his lips dry to prepare for the kiss. It was so pitch black outside that you couldn’t see a thing, which meant that Absalom couldn’t see that Alison had stuck her naked butt out of the window instead of her head. Absalom leaned in and kissed her deeply in the middle of her ass.