Original Text

Modern Text

Who loketh lightly now but Palamoun?
Who springeth up for Ioye but Arcite?
Who couthe telle, or who couthe it endyte,
The Ioye that is maked in the place
520Whan Theseus hath doon so fair a grace?
But doun on knees wente every maner wight,
And thanked him with al her herte and might,
And namely the Thebans ofte sythe.
And thus with good hope and with herte blythe
They take hir leve, and hom-ward gonne they ryde
To Thebes, with his olde walles wyde.
Well, could anyone have been any happier than Palamon? Could anyone have ever smiled any bigger than Arcite? Everyone in the grove applauded Theseus for having shown both knights mercy and for coming up with such a brilliant solution. And with that, both Arcite and Palamon collected their things and set off for Thebes.