1. Who is the woman who searches for Jimmie, and is rebuffed by him, late in the novel?

2. Who saves young Jimmie during his fight with the street urchins?

3. What does Maggie do in an attempt to freshen up the apartment to impress Pete?

4. What does Pete do for a living?

5. What is the name of the friend who goes with Jimmie to fight Pete?

6. What does Pete buy for Maggie on the occasion of their first night on the town?

7. What does the old woman ask Jimmie to do in exchange for the right to sleep in her apartment while his parents are fighting?

8. What does Mary want to do to Maggie's dead body?

9. How much money does Maggie make a week at her sweatshop?

10. Which is not a place in this novel?

11. How does the novel refer--repeatedly and exclusively--to the person accompanying Nellie at the bar before Nellie lures Pete away from Maggie?

12. What surprises Pete on his first date with Maggie?

13. What was the name under which Stephen Crane originally published Maggie?

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