Herbert’s description of Alia reminds us of the concept of original sin. God banished Adam and Eve from the paradise of Eden because they did not obey him and ate the fruit of knowledge. According to Christianity, people are born with this “original sin,” the sin of Adam and Eve. Alia’s birth embodies the original sin, as she is literally born with the knowledge and collective consciousness of humanity. The name Alia is also significant in the Judeo-Christian tradition. To make an aliyah is to go up toward God. The birth of Alia is the fulfillment of Jessica’s belief in the Bene Gesserit, a religion. Thus, Jessica goes before her religion and presents them with her Alia. Alia, with her supernatural knowledge of the universe, is almost godlike in her abilities. We will learn later that Alia plays an important role in helping the Fremen transform their planet into a paradise, an Edenic world.