2. She stopped straining when it suddenly came to her that it wasn’t important what song it was—someone was waiting up for her.

As Etta James returns home at the end of her chapter, she finds that Mattie Johnson, her best friend, has waited up all night for her. Etta, who has spent her life running from one home and man to another, is filled with a sense of being loved and being at home in at least one place in the world. Just a few moments earlier, Etta had begun to walk toward Brewster Place, feeling utterly alone and broken. Another man had disappointed her, and yet another dream of finding that long-sought-after sense of security had vanished with him. Fortunately, a different form of security and comfort is waiting for her: it’s the comfort and support that come from decades of friendship and love, and, in the end, that is what will support her.