1. Who is the father of Shield Sheafson?

2. How does Hrothgar know of Beowulf?

3. About how long is the dragon?

4. How long does Beowulf reign as king of the Geats?

5. What, according to Beowulf, is better than mourning a death?

6. Who helps Beowulf against the dragon?

7. Who taunts Beowulf in Heorot?

8. Who is Modthryth?

9. From whom is Grendel descended?

10. Who is queen of the Geats?

11. Whom does Grendel’s mother abduct and decapitate?

12. How many Geats does Grendel kill?

13. What is Hrunting?

14. Where do the Geats place Beowulf’s Barrow?

15. Who is Beowulf’s father?

16. What is wyrd?

17. Where do Grendel and his mother live?

18. What is a scop?

19. Who guides Beowulf to the dragon’s barrow?

20. Who gives Hygd three horses?

21. Which character is descended from Shield Sheafson?

22. What is the name of Hrothgar’s wife?

23. How did the dragon’s treasure get in the barrow?

24. What is Hygelac wearing when he dies?

25. From about when does the only existing Beowulf manuscript date?