The sprits dancing with Mirri in Drogo’s tent mark a shift in the story’s level of magic and fantasy. Many characters talk about magic and the supernatural history of Westeros, but with the exception of the wights on the Wall, there are very few explicitly magical events. Valyrian steel is said to be spell-forged, direwolves seem to howl to keep Bran alive, and Illyrio hints that Varys is a sorcerer. Even as Mirri works her bloodmagic, onlookers see only the shadows of spirits, but not the dead themselves. Mirri’s spells are the first time that characters witness the deliberate practice of magic. The spells are a part of the story’s crescendo of hints at the supernatural. The heat that Daenerys often feels from the dragon eggs is also a part of this rising sense of the fantastic, and they could foreshadow another growing magical force. The novel implies that by enteringo the tent where magic is taking place, Daenerys and Jorah have crossed a threshold and transitioned from a familiar, realistic world into a more fantastical, supernatural realm.