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Hamilton As Told in a Series of Texts

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I recently had the honor and privilege of seeing Hamilton live and having it render everything else in my life extremely terrible. I mean, that night was basically the peak of my very existence, and everything else from this point onward will just be a downward spiral into the vortex of abject misery. So thanks for that, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Thanks a bunch.

But I understand not everyone gets to do this. New York City is far, far away, and tickets cost everything. Some people just aren’t willing to spend all that money, and they have the same rights to life as you and I. That’s why I spent the entire time taking careful notes and weeping openly into the shoulder of the stranger next to me—so that I could do a little recon mission and gift you beautiful people with Hamilton the musical, or at least the next-best thing.

And since I haven’t spoken to a human being face-to-face since the day I got my iPhone, I’m doing it in the only format I’m comfortable with: TEXTING.

It’s no live performance, but I think you’ll agree that it’s basically just as good.