1. What purpose do the gemmae of liverworts serve?

2. Which is NOT an essential part of a seed?

3. By which process is a spore formed from a sporophyte?

4. Which of the following features is NOT characteristic of bryophytes?

5. Which of the following is a product of photosynthesis?

6. Where might you find jacket cells on a plant?

7. In the plant life cycle, what does a zygote become?

8. What do the guard cells of stomata prevent?

9. Which of the following is NOT a part of the pistil?

10. With what phenomenon is phytochrome associated?

11. Which feature is characteristic of monocots?

12. Where is most of the plant's water supply taken in?

13. Which is NOT a structure specialized for vegetative propagation?

14. Which of these materials is transported by xylem?

15. Which flower structure arises from the corolla?

16. What hormone is involved in phototropism?

17. Which of these terms describes the reaction of a plant to touch?

18. In grafting, what is the twig or bud called that is grafted on to a plant with roots?

19. Which of the following structures do gymnosperms and angiosperms have in common?

20. The epicotyl and hypocotyl comprise which structure?

21. From which structures are plant ovaries derived?

22. Plants produce their own organic nutrients through photosynthesis. Which of the following terms describes this characteristic?

23. What tissue comprises the middle layers of the leaf?

24. Which part of the plant can be thought of as a sink?

25. Which term have scientists given to the hypothetical flowering hormone?

26. Which of the following is found in phloem tissue?

27. What is the force exerted on the cell wall by the cell's contents?

28. Which structure might contribute to the asexual reproduction of a plant?

29. What strategy does a plant use to move in response to stimuli?

30. Which structure is NOT part of the androecium?

31. In which tissue are cells dead at maturity?

32. Where might you find scale leaves?

33. What is it called when a severed plant part grows into a complete new plant?

34. Which of the following is NOT a function of the roots?

35. Which of the following is part of the diploid generation in the plant life cycle?

36. What purpose does endosperm serve?

37. What is the perianth?

38. Which word means "vascular plant"?

39. What mechanism best explains how fluids are brought upward in the xylem?

40. How are the vascular tissues arranged in the stems of woody dicots?

41. In photoperiodic plants, which factor determines flowering?

42. Where does vascular cambium lie?

43. At sources, how are sugars transported into the phloem?

44. Microspores give rise to which structures?

45. Fertilization produces which of the following entities?

46. Where are egg cells produced?

47. Which of the following processes produces clones?

48. Which feature of a bryophyte demonstrates its dependence on environmental moisture?

49. Which kind of plant movement is quickly reversible?

50. Which of the following does NOT pass in or out of the stomata?

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