Problem : In what structures do plasmogamy, karyogamy, and spore formation take place in zygotmycota.

Plasmogamy takes place between the gametangia of two hyphae of opposite mating types. Karyogamy also takes place there. Spore formation takes place after germination of the zygospore in the sporangium.

Problem : How does the diploid phase of Zygomycota differ from that of other fungi?

The diploid phase of most fungi takes place in one structure and is relatively brief. The zygomycota diploid phase starts with the formation of a zygote and lasts through the formation of the zygospore until germination takes place.

Problem : Name the three basic types of hyphae found in zygomycota.

The three basic types of hyphae found in zygomycota are the food adsorbing rhizoids, the sporagium-bearing sporangiophores and the connecting hyphae called stolons.

Problem : How are the sexual reproductive cycles of zygomycota and ascomycota similar.

Both involve plasmogamy between cells from opposite mating types. However, while in zygomycota, this make take place on normal hyphae, ascomycota have mating- type-specific structures in which plasmogamy takes place.