Problem : Which type of microtubules disappear during telophase?

Kinetochore microtubules disappear during telophase after they have helped move the chromosomes to the poles of the cell.

Problem : A cell that is in telophase is likely to have which of the following traits? Decondensed chromosomes
Chromosomes aligned along the metaphase plate
Long kinetochore microtubules
Nuclear envelope
Separated sister chromatids

A cell in telophase will likely have decondensed chromosomes. The metaphase plate is an imaginary line along which chromosomes line up during metaphase, not telophase. In telophase, kinetochore microtubules have disappeared and won't be seen. The nuclear envelope begins to re-form during telophase and sister chromatids will be separated at opposite ends of the cell.

Problem : During telophase, how many nuclei are formed?

Two nuclei are formed during telophase as the nuclear vesicles associate around the two sets of chromosomes at opposite ends of the cell.

Problem : What is the contractile ring composed of?

The contractile ring is composed of actin and myosin protein filaments.

Problem : What determines where the cleavage furrow will form in the cell?

Cleavage usually occurs along the metaphase plate in a dividing cell and is also dependent on the location of the mitotic spindles.