1. Which gallery exhibited Georgia’s first major show?

2. Where did Georgia grow up?

3. Who was her influential tutor at Chatham Episcopal Institute?

4. What was the name of the first house Georgia purchased in 1940?

5. During what decade did O’Keeffe produce most of her flower artwork?

6. During which decade did O’Keeffe paint her largest painting?

7. Which artist, famous for painting in abstraction, was an influence for O’Keeffe?

8. Who was responsible for aiding Georgia during the last years of her life?

9. Why did Georgia go to Texas in 1912?

10. What did Georgia find in the desert that was shaped like the mountain tops?

11. What kind of skull did Georgia paint with the colors red, white, and blue?

12. Who influenced O’Keeffe to study at Columbia Teachers College?

13. Who is Georgia named after?

14. Why did the O’Keeffes leave Sun Prairie?

15. What did Georgia call the "Black Place"?

16. What position did Georgia hold at the Chatham Episcopal Institute?

17. Why did Georgia stop working as a commercial artist?

18. Who brought Georgia’s work to Alfred Stieglitz for the first time in 1916?

19. What did O’Keeffe suffer from as she aged?

20. What artistic techniques and approaches did Georgia utilize?

21. Where did Georgia’s family move in 1903?

22. Which New Mexican city was a mecca for artists in the early twentieth century?

23. What inspired O’Keeffe to execute her famous charcoal drawings in 1915?

24. Who taught Georgia at the Art Institute?

25. What did Georgia’s mother die of?

26. How many photographs did Stieglitz make of Georgia between 1918 and 1937?

27. Which two artists were Georgia’s contemporaries?

28. Whose photography partially inspired O’Keeffe’s flowers?

29. What did Georgia see an integral part of creating her art?

30. What was the technique of Paul Strand’s photography

31. What experience led to the creation of Black Abstraction?

32. Which of the following did not frequent the artist colonies in New Mexico?

33. What did Georgia call New Mexico?

34. What major issues did Georgia confront in her paintings during the 1930s?

35. Which painting most clearly exhibited these issues?

36. Which church did Georgia paint many times?

37. Who was the owner of Ghost Ranch when Georgia arrived there in 1934?

38. With whom did Stieglitz have a relationship while being married to Georgia?

39. When did Georgia have a nervous breakdown?

40. Where did Georgia go to recover from her breakdown?

41. What mountain range was near Ghost ranch?

42. What was the name for the mesa in this range, which Georgia could see from her Ghost Ranch house?

43. Which institution honored Georgia with an honorary degree in 1942?

44. Who honored Georgia as one of the twelve most outstanding women of the previous fifty years in 1939?

45. Where did Maria Chabot and Georgia go hiking?

46. From whom did Georgia buy her Abiquiu residence?

47. Who had the responsibility of executing Stieglitz’s will?

48. What did Juan Hamilton attempt to teach Georgia?

49. What is the setting for the painting A Day with Juan?

50. Where were Georgia’s ashes scattered?