1. In what town was Newton born?

2. When did Newton's father die?

3. What did Newton's mother do when he was three?

4. Who ruled England during Newton's youth?

5. What was the dominant religious group in England in the 1550s?

6. The return of King Charles II in 1660 was known as what?

7. Where did Newton become a student in 1616?

8. In what year did London suffer a disastrous fire?

9. In 1666, Newton retreated to his mother's home to escape the...

10. In 1666, Newton discovered that white light is composed of:

11. What did Newton call his method of doing calculus?

12. The famous story of how Newton came to discover gravity involves the fall of a(n)

13. What was the name of the Frenchman who explained the orbit of planets using a theory of vortices?

14. According to Newton, how does the force of gravity vary in regard to planets?

15. In 1669, Newton was appointed to which position?

16. Who composed the Royal Society?

17. In what year did Newton join the Royal Society?

18. Newton's first paper presented to the Royal Society detailed his research into which field?

19. Who was Newton's great rival in the Royal Society?

20. The orbit of a planet, according to both Kepler and Newton's inverse square law, traced the shape known as a(n)

21. Which astronomer encouraged Newton to publish his work on gravity?

22. The title of Newton's great work, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, was frequently shortened to what name?

23. What does the title Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica mean in English?

24. What did Newton's third law of motion state?

25. Which of the following things was not accounted for by Newton's theory of universal gravitation?

26. How did Newton conceive of his scientific explanations in relation to religion?

27. The complete edition of Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica was first published in what year?

28. According to Hooke, Newton had stolen the ____ from him

29. The political events of 1688-89 are known as the:

30. In 1688-89, the English throne passed from ____ to ____

31. Newton suffered a nervous breakdown in what year?

32. In 1696, Newton was appointed to what post?

33. What was alchemy the study of?

34. What came of Newton's experiments with alchemy?

35. Which Christian heresy did Newton subscribe to?

36. After 1699, what post did Newton acquire?

37. Newton wrote more than a million words on what subject?

38. For Newton and his religious friends, interpreting prophecy offered a way to discover the date of what event?

39. Newton was elected President of the Royal Society in what year?

40. Newton attained the Presidency of the Royal Society only after the death of which man?

41. In 1704, Newton published which work?

42. With which European mathematician did Newton quarrel in the early 1700s?

43. This quarrel was over which man had developed ___ first.

44. In 1705, Newton received a ___ from Queen Anne

45. What was the name of the royal astronomer who attempted to challenge Newton in the early 1700s?

46. Which of the following describes Newton's romantic life?

47. When did Newton die?

48. Where was Newton buried?

49. Which 20th-century scientist modified Newtonian physics?