1. Where was Kepler born?

2. What was Kepler's father's name?

3. How many siblings did Kepler have?

4. What religion was Kepler?

5. What university did Kepler attend?

6. In what subject did Kepler pursue his graduate degree?

7. From whom did Kepler learn about the Copernican system?

8. What was the name of the astronomer who created the system of the universe that was replace by the Copernican system?

9. Where was the sun in the Copernican system?

10. To what town did Kepler move after college?

11. In his first job as a professor, what subjects did Kepler teach?

12. What planetary system did Kepler endorse?

13. What was the name of Kepler's first book?

14. Which of the following planets had not been discovered at the time of Kepler?

15. Which of the following is not a perfect solid?

16. What was the name of Kepler's first wife?

17. How many wives did Kepler have?

18. What body part was Tycho de Brahe missing?

19. Where was Tycho's first observatory?

20. Where was Tycho when Kepler came to work for him?

21. Why did Kepler wan to work for Tycho?

22. Why did Kepler need to leave Gratz behind forever?

23. What planet did Tycho make Kepler study?

24. After Tycho's death, how did Kepler get Tycho's astronomical observations?

25. How was Tycho's system different from the Copernican system?

26. Who battled Kepler for the use of Tycho's observations after Tycho died?

27. What is the name of the work in which Kepler's first two laws appear?

28. What is Kepler's first law?

29. What is Kepler's second law?

30. Which of Kepler's Laws did he discover first?

31. What was Kepler's official title while he was in Prague?

32. For which Emperor did Kepler work while he was writing the Astronomia Nova?

33. In what year did Kepler publish the Astronomia Nova?

34. In addition to astronomy, to what scientific field did Kepler contribute major work?

35. Who is the first major astronomer to make use of the telescope?

36. What did Galileo discover about Jupiter?

37. What was Kepler's reaction to Galileo's discovery?

38. When Kepler requested that Galileo send him a telescope, what did Galileo do?

39. What disease killed Kepler's first wife and son?

40. By 1618, what did Kepler believe determined the spacing between the planets?

41. What did Kepler believe was pushing the planets around their orbits?

42. In what book did Kepler explain his third book?

43. Why did Kepler need to rush to his mother's side in 1615

44. What were the Rudolphine Tables?

45. After the emperor's death in where did Kepler go?

46. Why did Kepler leave Prague?

47. What was the name of Kepler's science fiction story about a trip to the moon?

48. In Kepler's science fiction story, what were the names of the two tribes of moon-dwellers?

49. In what year did Kepler die?

50. Who used Kepler's laws to create a comprehensive system of terrestrial and celestial physics?