1. The Poetics deals primarily with what genre?

2. What is the term for the consideration of natural ends in explaining phenomena?

3. The work we call Physics is more properly described as what?

4. What is the term for an argument used in rhetoric that could be reduced logically to a syllogism?

5. What was the favorite example that Aristotle returned to repeatedly in the Poetics?

6. According to Aristotle, which of the following is not one of the six elements of the tragedy?

7. Which of Aristotle's early works was inspired by the death of a friend?

8. In what capacity did Callisthenes serve under Alexander?

9. Which Academy colleague left with Aristotle after Plato's death and accompanied him in some of his travels?

10. Which of the following was not excluded from citizenship in the Politics?

11. Whose niece did Aristotle marry?

12. Who assumed leadership of the Academy after Plato's death?

13. Which is not one of the Four Causes?

14. For which subject is Aristotle least known?

15. Psychologyn as Aristotle understood itn meant the study of what element?

16. What is the most basic kind of soul?

17. What did Aristotle refer to metaphysics as?

18. According to Aristotle, which pair of words is analogous to matter::form?

19. In the pursuit of happiness, what is the highest form of pleasure for a human being, according to Aristotle?

20. How does one acquire virtue, according to Aristotle?

21. What is the primary form of association?

22. What is the ultimate form of association?

23. What was Aristotle's attitude toward slavery?

24. Which of the following terms means government by the few?

25. What was the occupation of Aristotle's father?

26. Where did Aristotle perform his early biology research?

27. What caused the break between Aristotle and Alexander?

28. To where did Aristotle withdraw after Alexander's death?

29. Where was Aristotle born?

30. Which book is often criticized for being disorganized?

31. What was the name of Aristotle's guardian after his parents' death?

32. Which state ruled Greece for most of Aristotle's adult life?

33. Why did Aristotle write dialogues early in his career?

34. How many children did Aristotle have?

35. On which work of Plato's is Eudemus largely based?

36. What friend of Aristotle died after being tortured for information by the Persians?

37. What were members of Aristotle's Lyceum known as?

38. What two works are considered preliminary to Aristotle's logical treatises?

39. Which book is not one of the four main treatises on natural science?

40. Which of the following is one of the two central distinctions Aristotle draws between animals?

41. Which of the following is concerned with existence itself?

42. In Book XII of the Metaphysics, how many kinds of substances are there?

43. What are the two imperishable entities?

44. The Unmoved Mover must be which of the following?

45. What is the Greek word for representation, as used in the Poetics?

46. In what year was Aristotle invited to tutor Alexander?

47. How many times did Aristotle marry?

48. Nicomachus was the name of which of Aristotle's relations?

49. What did Aristotle see as the central tension in ethical decisions?

50. What nephew of Aristotle was executed by Alexander?

51. In what year did Aristotle die?