1. Which character is late for Katherine and Petruchio’s wedding?

2. Who becomes Bianca’s music teacher?

3. Which character is Petruchio’s servant?

4. How does Lucentio declare his love for Bianca?

5. Where is most of the play set?

6. Whom does Baptista believe to be Lucentio for most of the play?

7. How does Petruchio prevent Kate from eating after their marriage?

8. What does Petruchio convince Kate to say about the sun?

9. What is Christopher Sly’s profession?

10. Who is Bianca’s father?

11. Who tricks Sly?

12. Who pretends to be Lucentio’s father?

13. Who convinces Bianca and Lucentio to elope?

14. Whose wife is the first to answer the summons at the end of the play?

15. How does Tranio trick the pedant?

16. Who becomes Bianca’s Latin teacher?

17. How does Petruchio set his wedding date?

18. What is a “shrew,” as defined by this play?

19. Why does Petruchio agree to marry Kate?

20. What object of the haberdasher’s does Kate covet?

21. Does Petruchio give it to her?

22. Whom do Petruchio and Kate meet on the road back to Padua?

23. Whom does Hortensio marry?

24. Where do Petruchio and Kate go at the end of the play?

25. How are Bianca and Kate related?