1. Whom does George Black Bull kill?

2. Why does Tom's family flee Pagosa?

3. Why did Tom's family initially come to Pagosa?

4. What is the cause of George's death?

5. What name does Tom adopt for himself after his father's death?

6. How does Tom's mother die?

7. With whom/what does Tom become a best friend following his mother's death?

8. Who is Tom's roommate at school?

9. What is Jim Thatcher's attitude toward Tom and Bessie?

10. Who is Tom's English teacher?

11. In which class does Tom excel?

12. When Tom escapes back to the mountains, what does he find at his home?

13. How does Tom impress the townspeople of Bayfield?

14. What does Tom see in a Bayfield shop window that surprises him?

15. Who is Red's cook?

16. What does Red threaten to do should Tom double-cross him?

17. What activity do Meo and Tom engage in when they first get to know one another?

18. At which competition does Tom definitively decide to assert his independence from Red?

19. When the prostitute approaches Tom, what does he do?

20. How does Tom learn that Red is sick?

21. How does Tom learn Meo has died?

22. What is the title of the article Tom sees about himself in New York City?

23. At which competition does Tom get most seriously injured?

24. What is the name of Tom's nurse?

25. Who offers Tom a job as a shepherd at the end of the novel?