1. What is Macon Dead I’s real name?

2. How does Milkman find out his grandfather’s and grandmother’s names?

3. What is inside Pilate’s green bundle?

4. Where does Robert Smith promise to fly?

5. Where do Macon Jr. and Pilate grow up?

6. How does Hagar react after Milkman ends their relationship?

7. Where are Jake’s remains ultimately buried?

8. What does Reba win at Sears Roebuck?

9. How does Macon Dead I pick names for his children after his firstborn son?

10. Who is First Corinthians’s secret lover?

11. Why is Macon Jr. angry with Ruth?

12. How old is Milkman when he strikes his father, Macon Jr.?

13. Why does Guitar want to kill Milkman?

14. In what year does Song of Solomon open?

15. How does Guitar try to kill Milkman in his first attempt?

16. To what town is Lincoln’s Heaven closest?

17. To what secret organization does Guitar belong?

18. From which college does First Corinthians receive her degree?

19. What is unusual about Pilate’s body?

20. How old is Ruth when she marries Macon Dead II?

21. What is the official name of Not Doctor Street?

22. Who is the first black child born in Mercy Hospital?

23. Whom does Solomon try to take with him when he flies back to Africa?

24. Why does Circe stay in the Butlers’ mansion after they die?

25. What does Grace Long give to Milkman when he leaves?