1. Where is Our Town set?

2. In what year does the play begin?

3. What does the play’s set look like at the beginning of the play?

4. As the play begins, where has Dr. Gibbs been?

5. What does Mr. Webb do for a living?

6. Where does Mrs. Gibbs want to take a vacation?

7. Which characters does the Stage Manager bring out to tell the audience about the town?

8. Who is the Lady in the Box?

9. Which of the following does not get deposited in the time capsule?

10. What does George want to do after high school?

11. From what affliction does the choirmaster suffer?

12. What is the name of the song the choir sings several times during the play?

13. What is the weather like at the beginning of Act II?

14. Who gets married in Act II?

15. What sport does George play in high school?

16. During the flashback in Act II, where does George take Emily after she accuses him of being stuck up?

17. Who gets nervous before the wedding?

18. Who acts as the minister at the wedding?

19. What is Sam Craig’s relationship to Emily?

20. What is the cause of Emily’s death?

21. What day from her earthly life does Emily decide to revisit?

22. What happens when Emily goes back and relives the past?

23. Who leads Emily back to the cemetery?

24. Who comes and lays prostrate beside Emily’s grave at the end of the play?

25. What is the Stage Manager’s final action?