1. To what city does Poirot first Travel in the book?

2. What does Poirot hear Mrs. Debenham say to Colonel Arbuthnot when he first meets he couple that makes him suspicious?

3. What police force is Poirot retired from?

4. Why must Poirot return to London when he reaches the hotel?

5. What is M. Bouc's position on the Wagon Lit?

6. How many stab wounds are found on Ratchett's body?

7. How does Poirot know the case is involved with Daisy Armstrong's murder?

8. What clues are found in Ratchett's compartment?

9. Who aboard the Orient Express smokes a pipe?

10. Who is the owner of the handkerchief?

11. At what time did Ratchett's watch stop?

12. What words did Poirot hear someone speak from Ratchett's room the night of the murder?

13. Who did Poirot see in the hallway the night of the murder?

14. In whose luggage is the Wagon Lit Conductor's Jacket found?

15. How does Hardman describe Ratchett's enemy??

16. Whose alibi helps Arbuthnot most?

17. What kind of justice does Arbuthnot endorse and think he carries out?

18. What is wrong with Mrs. Hubbard's story about locking the communicating door?

19. Why does Poirot not believe Ratchett took a sleeping draught on the night of the murder?

20. How is Hardman connected to the Armstrong case?

21. What is Hardman's profession?

22. What is strange about Countess Andrenyi's luggage?

23. Why does Poirot think multiple people inflicted the stab wounds?

24. What is suspicious about the group of people on the train?

25. Who is Sophia Armstrong's sister?

26. The memory of what store helps Poirot discover Mary Debenham's identity?

27. What is Greta Ohlsson real identity?

28. Who is the innocent passenger?