A teenage boy and the story’s main protagonist. Though frightened and confused by the strange surroundings of the Glade, Thomas is inquisitive and quick-witted. He often rejects authority, and he shows disdain for the condescending “Greenie” label he earns on his arrival. Thomas demonstrates caring, loyalty, and a feeling of responsibility for those around him, even when he doesn’t understand it. He also proves to be both courageous and impulsive. His qualities and heroic acts quickly earn him both friends and adversaries. Though many Gladers treat Thomas with suspicion, he strives to be judged based on his present actions, and not on his unknown past.


A teenage girl and sole female resident of the Glade. At first unconscious and known only as “the girl,” the Gladers are struck by her incredible beauty, noting her fair skin, dark hair, and blue eyes. Once Teresa regains consciousness, she demonstrates strength, intelligence, confidence, and fearlessness. Teresa shares a telepathic connection with Thomas, as well as a past neither remembers. She is often a target of suspicion, though she proves herself to be trustworthy.


An awkward, chubby Glader around age 12 or 13. Chuck serves as the “Greenie” before Thomas arrives. Chuck is Thomas’s first real friend in the Glade, though he becomes more like a younger brother to the older boy. Chuck is often silly, which annoys some of the Gladers, though his vulnerability is endearing to Thomas. As a Slopper who’s full of false bravado and motivated by a desire to fit in, many of the Gladers underestimate Chuck, though he ultimately shows that he is loyal and brave.


The leader of the Gladers. As the oldest Glader and one of the first group to arrive, Alby has more experience than the other boys. His attempts to maintain order at all costs often portray him as mean or harsh, though he sometimes jokes and allows himself to be vulnerable. His appearance, with a short, cropped haircut and a clean-shaven face, also reflect his need for order.


A former Runner who serves as second-in-command after he is injured in the Maze. Tall and muscular with long, blond hair, Newt is Alby’s closest and most trusted ally. Like Alby, Newt believes in order. He is kind, friendly, and trustworthy, motivated by his care for the Glade’s residents. His intelligence and fairness help him step up to lead when circumstances call for his authority. 


The Keeper of the Runners. Minho is fast, both mentally and physically. He is also smart and strong-minded. Minho acts based on his deep knowledge of the Maze, which makes him an ideal guide and mentor for Thomas. Minho trusts his intuition, which sometimes leads to dangerous situations. However, he learns from his mistakes and ultimately believes in following the rules. Minho has a sarcastic sense of humor and sometimes demonstrates a quick temper. He is a trusted and loyal friend to Thomas and Newt.


The Keeper of the Builders. Gally is a loudmouthed bully. As the main antagonist, he makes no secret of his dislike and distrust for Thomas. Gally is described as physically unattractive, with a disgusting nose, missing teeth, and stomach-turning breath. In spite of his bullheaded demeanor, Gally cares about the safety of the Glade, which is why he is a stickler for rules.


A Builder who has been Stung by a Griever. The attack has altered Ben’s former personality and left him mentally unstable and prone to physical violence. He is also thin and pale, with veins pulsing through his skin. Though once a key Glader, he is now violent and unreliable.